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Dilshod Ahundjanov is the owner and the author of www.dilshodzone.webs.com. He is a political blogger and acclaimed leader in politics and economics. Dilshod writes numerous columns and articles, videos, blogs dedicated to the important topics against the state policies in Uzbekistan. He writes about improving living conditions of the middle-class citizen of Uzbekistan as well as oppositional views against the current regime in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Dilshod talks about unjust political ruling system in the country, state crimes, human rights violations, forced labour, ban of freedom of speech, inequality, political opposition and socio-economic sustainability in the country and actively updates any major events happening inside the country. Dilshod gives his full opinions regarding the events happening in the country unbiased to any political censorship brought by the government.

Dilshod Ahundjanov started his website www.dilshodzone.webs.com for personal use in early 2008 which he later converted to political activism and writing columns against the state policies in Uzbekistan. He started his first active political blogging career when he arrived in UK 2008. Dilshod had taken down the forum and shut down his web site temporarily under the pressure by the Uzbek authorities and The National Security Services (the national intelligence agency of the government of Uzbekistan) in late 2010.

Dilshod Ahundjanov graduated from FPI in 2007 and received his degree honours in Business Management. Dilshod has participated a different state and international tournaments and competitions as a student and was a leader of young movements such as ''Kelajak Ovozi'', ''Kamolot'', ''Fond Forum'' to name a few. Later, Dilshod has founded his own non-official movement called ''S.E.A.T.S'' opposing the state policies and regime in Uzbekistan.

Dilshod Ahundjanov's blog is dedicated to current economic and geo political life in the region of Central Asia, namely Uzbekistan and reveals the truth about what is actually happening behind the closed doors policy in Uzbekistan, the government opposition groups, current geopolitical atmosphere. Real news about the current events taking place in the region of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Dilshod discusses economic as well as political systems in the region of Uzbekistan, Central Asia and how it is impacting current middle-class citizen of Uzbekistan with easy to understand handwritten materials and articles.

Dilshod Ahundjanov is currently residing in London, UK and started to run his web site and blog once again in the hopes of bringing awareness to the ordinary citizen of Uzbekistan who is daily dosage of political news is state controlled. 

Apart from blogging, Dilshod enjoys his free time actively socialising with his friends and family, going to library and gym. His favourite pastime activities are jogging and swimming.

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